Hosting A Dinner Party At A Restaurant: Three Things To Consider

Whether you don't have enough room to host a dinner party at home or you don't like the idea of a lot of people in your house, hosting a dinner party at a local restaurant can be a great option. To help ensure your guests have a good time without overwhelming the restaurant staff, follow these helpful tips.

Call Ahead

Even if the restaurant you choose doesn't typically accept reservations, it's a good idea to call ahead if you will be hosting a large number of guests. This gives the restaurant time to begin reserving tables or transitioning tables in the dining room. You may want to call before you send out invites to determine which day of the week and time might be best for the restaurant staff. For example, hosting a large party at peak dining hours on a weekend may not be convenient for the restaurant, but a late-evening party on a Friday might work.

Address Payment Options

You may want to pay for the whole party yourself, which makes hosting a dinner party less complicated. However, if you expect everyone to chip in, you should let them know in advance. Include this information on any invitations or in emails about the event so guests can determine if they want to attend. Regardless of who is paying, take time to consider how you will pay the gratuity. It can be easier to pay it with your credit card and have guests pay you back, or you may simply want to absorb the cost of the tip as part of your party hosting responsibilities.

Consider The Menu

The meal should be the centerpiece of the dinner party, so it's a good idea to consider the different menu options available in advance. Having everyone order their own dish off of the menu can be time-consuming, and it can make things complicated for your servers. Look at the catering menu for the restaurant you choose online, and inquire about choosing selections from this menu instead. Entrees can be passed around family-style, which means everyone gets to try a little bit of each dish. Another options is to host the meal at a family-style restaurant or one that serves tapas. These restaurants have experience in creating shared dishes, making it easier to plan the meal in advance.

Once you find the restaurant you want to host the dinner party at, such as Melting Pot Pizza , be sure to include information about the venue in your invitations. You should cover the dress code, parking, and any other pertinent information your guests will need before arriving.

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