Offer Smashed Burger Patties In Your Restaurant For These Reasons

If you're looking to make some changes to the menu of your burger restaurant, one choice that you may wish to consider is to smash your burger patties. This process involves placing a ball of ground beef on a hot cooktop and then smashing it down with a stainless steel or cast iron handle. This turns the ball of meat into a patty quickly and can offer several favorable elements. If you do make the switch to offer smashed patties, you'll definitely want to advertise this fact widely, as many people will get excited about it and choose to dine with you. Here are some reasons to consider this method of cooking your burger patties.

It Sears The Top And Bottom

While there are lots of different ways to make a burger patty, many people enjoy when the patty's top and bottom are seared. In the same manner as searing the surfaces of a steak can be desirable, you get a high-quality sear when you use the smashing technique. When the patty is seared, it gets a desirable crust on it that can give you a bit of a crunch when you bite in — and this can be a nice textural contrast to the softer interior of the burger patty.

It Can Be Juicier

Few burger restaurant patrons want to eat a burger that is dry, and serving up patties of this nature may actually harm your business. When you smash your burger patties, the crust that forms will create a layer that prevents the juice inside the burger from escaping. This can result in burgers that are juicy and moist, which is highly satisfying to many people. It should be noted, however, that the smashing process is only valuable at the start. If you press down a burger patty repeatedly as it cooks, you'll be pressing out the juice.

It's Trendy

There are some large and well-reviewed burger chains that use the smashing technique, which makes this approach fairly trendy in the world of present-day restaurants. If you advertise that you offer smashed burgers, you can count on people who want to be at the forefront of this trend deciding to frequent your restaurant. There are some diners who won't know the benefits of the smashing approach, but they'll want to feel hip and current and will thus seek out burgers prepared in this manner — which is valuable for your burger restaurant.

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