Three Types Of Seafood To Order During Your Next Italian Restaurant Visit

If you're a lover of Italian cuisine and you often enjoy a night of fine dining at your local Italian restaurant, you may find that you frequently order the same things. Common dishes such as spaghetti, chicken parm, and lasagna are all highly appealing, and it's easy to alternate between these popular choices — or perhaps even order the exact same thing every time that you visit your favorite Italian restaurant. It never hurts to try something different, and if you're a seafood enthusiast, you'll likely appreciate branching out a little during your next visit. Here are three types of seafood that you'll commonly find on the menu of your local Italian restaurant. 


Where different types of seafood are concerned, it's tough to beat shrimp. Plump and meaty, this tasty seafood is highly versatile — and, as such, you'll often find it in both cold and hot applications on Italian restaurant menus. If you're looking for a starter, you may lean toward a shrimp cocktail. In this dish, you'll commonly get a selection of large shrimp with cocktail sauce. If a warm shrimp dish is more to your liking, you'll often find shrimp alfredo, in which the seafood is tossed with cream sauce and served over your choice of pasta.


Calamari, the term for squid, is also a staple on Italian restaurant menus. When many people think of calamari, they imagine it being breaded and fried. Your local Italian restaurant may indeed serve calamari prepared in this manner, alongside some manner of savory tip and fresh lemon wedges. Lots of Italian restaurants serve calamari unbreaded, however, which may be more appealing to you if you're looking for lighter fare or if you're adhering to a gluten-free diet. Grilled calamari, often served with capers or olives, is another tasty dish.


While clams are a fixture in east coast dishes such as chowder, you'll also find them on the menu at many Italian restaurants. If the restaurant has an emphasis on seafood, breaded clams are often part of a mixed-seafood appetizer, perhaps alongside breaded calamari and other items. If you enjoy pasta, which is likely the case if you're a frequent visitor to your local Italian restaurant, you'll be able to find clams in multiple pasta dishes. For something on the lighter side, clams and herbs simmered in white wine and tossed with pasta may appeal to you. For a heartier dish, clams with alfredo sauce may be your preferred choice.

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