Going Out To Lunch? 3 Ways To Ward Off Bad Breath Afterwards

A lovely lunch on the town can be just what you need during a busy work day. Unfortunately, if you order the wrong thing, you might be dealing with bad breath long after you head home for the night. Here are three ways to ward off bad breath after a delicious meal, and how your restaurant waiter can help you to accomplish your goals. 

1. Drink Plenty of Water A side of soda or a glass of lemonade might seem like the perfect addition to that fish sandwich or plate of popcorn shrimp, but unfortunately, added sugars in drinks can contribute to bad breath. As the sugars you consume in drinks are broken down by oral bacteria, they can create VOCs that contribute to bad breath. Additionally, sugar-rich drinks can create a sticky coating on the surface of your teeth that attracts food particles. 

Instead of ordering a sweet beverage, ask your server for ice water, or water with lemon. By staying hydrated, you can rinse away food particles that could contribute to bad breath, keeping your smile fresh while you enjoy your meal. 

2. Skip the Garlic and Onions Members of the allium family, especially garlic and onions, are famous for generating bad breath. These veggies, which are commonly used in everything from side dishes and sauces to compound butters and toppings, contain the same VOCs that oral bacteria generate, giving you bad breath. 

Furthermore, these organic compounds can be absorbed into your blood after you eat them and recirculated through your lungs the next day, giving your case of bad breath staying power. Talk with your waiter about your desire to avoid garlic and onions, and only order foods that steer clear of both ingredients. 

3. Order a Side of Fresh Fruit Since fresh fruit is packed with water and helps your body to generate saliva, ordering a simple side is a great way to finish off your meal while stomping out bad breath. Ask your waiter if they are currently offering any varieties of fresh fruit, and if you can have the dish brought out at the end of a meal. 

By munching away on a few apples or enjoying a bowl of melon, you can sweeten your breath without contributing significantly to your daily calorie count or causing bad breath. 

Remember, you don't have to pass over a delicious  seafood restaurant lunch to enjoy great breath. By talking with your waiter and understanding more about the dishes on the menu, you can dine with your coworkers without stressing about the after-effects of your meal. 

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