Locating The Best BBQ Catering Service For Your Southern-Style Bash: Important Questions To Ask

Pulled pork, grilled and barbecued chicken, fire-braised tenderloin, baked beans, corn on the cob—there's a lot to love about barbecue food, and this cuisine goes well with a Southern party. Make sure you get the best service for your money by asking the catering company these questions. 

How many sides will be served?

Anyone who has ever cooked for a larger crowd will tell you that the more sides you have, the less meat you will need, which can keep the costs of a meal low. Find out the typical number of sides included in your catered meal, and ask the catering company if you have the option of adding more sides. Most places will gladly add more sides. 

What is the cost related to delivering the food?

Catering companies tend to have similar pricing, especially those that serve something as specific as BBQ-style foods. Where things can differ is in the price, especially if you are looking at different options in different cities. Most BBQ catering services will charge so much per mile to your venue. Naturally, places further away will cost you more, but some places will charge more per mile than others. 

Does the company offer full-service or just food?

Some catering companies will deliver and set up a buffet-style BBQ dinner for your event, and other companies will actually send along servers and waitstaff to feed everyone from a kitchen with foods already plated. You will definitely want to know which you are getting so you can plan accordingly, so make sure you ask. 

Will desserts be included in the price?

Yummy chocolate cupcakes, delectable banana pudding, apple pie—there are a ton of good desserts that pair well with barbecued food, but not every catering service will supply dessert with the meals they advertise. So don't just assume that your guests will get a sweet treat at the end of their meal; make sure you ask if dessert will be included. 

What happens if more guests show up than anticipated?

You create a guest list and send out invites, but when you throw a party with a Southern flair, you probably are not going to turn down the guests that show up uninvited. However, you will also want to make sure you can feed the extras that stop in for a visit at your event, so ask the BBQ catering company what happens if you run out of food and if they can quickly accommodate the new guests. 

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