Enjoy Tasty Fried Chicken Featured at Local Restaurants

Fried chicken is a staple food item that is featured in many regions. If you would like to treat yourself to the crispy crunch and savory flavors that are reminiscent of a homestyle chicken meal, explore some restaurants in your area that serve fried chicken and dipping sauces.

The Crunch and Taste Factors

A restaurateur may promote a distinct chicken type that utilizes a blend of spices and marinade ingredients that will provide a succinct crunch and taste. A double-coating of a batter product or a distinct cooking style that other restaurants don't utilize can make a chicken product stand out. A satisfying crunch and taste will be the key elements that will determine your level of satisfaction while consuming a fried chicken meal.

Prepare a list of restaurants that you would like to visit. Choose some sit-down restaurants, as well as ones that provide takeout services. This will give you a good mix of eateries that may sell everything from 'no frill' fried chicken products to fancy chicken dishes that contain chicken and several complementary side items. Each week, test out different products that are featured at one of the eateries that you have chosen. 

The Freshness and the Dipping Sauces

The crispy coating on fried products could lose its firmness soon after a chicken product begins cooling down. If fried chicken is confined within a non-vented 'to go' container, a long drive home could make a takeout product less stellar than you initially expected it to be. If you order takeout chicken from one or more of the restaurants on your list, slightly vent the bucket lid or box lid that your products came in. This will allow steam to escape.

The release of the steam will prevent chicken from becoming soggy as you are transporting your meal home. If you opt to dine at a restaurant that features sit-down services, your meal will be served piping hot. If a restaurant offers a clear view of the frying station, you will know that your chicken is fresh.

Dipping sauces are included at many eating establishments. Ketchup and ranch sauce are two classic accompaniments to fried chicken. Some more original dipping products that you may be able to order with a fried chicken meal include a zesty salsa or a spicy horseradish and mayonnaise combo. Sauces may be included for free or may be sold for a nominal cost.  

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