Popular Dishes At A German Restaurant

When you think about visiting a restaurant that serves cuisine from different countries around the world, you might initially think about a Chinese restaurant, an Italian restaurant, or a Mexican restaurant. While dining at each of these establishments can be delicious, it's also nice to check out international cuisine that is new to you. One option that may fit into this category is German food. There are German restaurants in a lot of cities, and it can be fun to visit one and sample some unique fare. German restaurant menus feature all sorts of items that may catch your attention, but here are three popular dishes to try.

Wiener Schnitzel

It's possible that you've heard of wiener schnitzel, but have not actually eaten this dish. It's another staple of German cooking and appears on the menu at virtually every German eatery. It consists of thin slices of veal that are breaded and fried. The exterior of each bite will be crispy, while the interior will be moist. The sides of an order of wiener schnitzel can vary. Some restaurants offer the dish with simple sides such as a lemon wedge and capers, while others feature it as part of a larger dish with potatoes or another starch and one or more vegetables.


Although there are variations of spaetzle in many European nations, this is a staple dish in German cuisine. It's a simple comfort food that can be a good introduction to this country's food. Spaetzle is a pasta dish that features egg noodles, and the noodles can vary in size and appearance based on their preparation method. Many German restaurants sell spaetzle as a main course, but it's also a popular side dish. For example, you'll frequently find a serving of spaetzle beside pork or beef and gravy.

Sausages And Sauerkraut

If you're looking for a hearty dish, a sausage and sauerkraut platter may appeal to you. This is a dish that you can order as an entree, but it's also a popular starter to share with those at your table. There are many different German sausages that are popular, including bratwurst. These sausages have a pronounced flavor, thanks to ingredients such as garlic and pepper. They often appear in a coil on your plate, frequently on a bed of sauerkraut. Boiled potatoes or another starch can often accompany these two foods. Look for these and other German dishes at a restaurant in your area.

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